Data Recovery And Backup Services For Recover Data Losses

Data Recovery and Backup Services (VBAK) InTechnology’s automated backup and restore services offer unparalleled data backup and instant online restoration, completely eliminating the severe limitations of traditional tape based backup. Via a single point of connection on to your LAN/WAN all applications servers, PCs and notebooks can be scheduled to automatically backup at a designated time. Data is immediately transferred offsite to a secure data center facility where it is held on disk and available for instant restore online. The solution is particularly effective for organization with multiple or remote site locations.

• Centralize and automated backup scheduling

• Encrypted data sent securely and immediately offsite

• Data held on dedicated disk for rapid restoration

• Optional gold service – NAS replication to an alternative data center

• Supports all Windows / Intel platforms and key applications including Exchange, SQL, Group wise, Lotus Notes and Oracle.

• UNIX platforms and large database support optional

• Saves time, money and improves the backup process with dramatic improvement in data restore performance.

Real Time Data Recovery Mirroring and Replication A copy of the data that is even a few hours old may not be good enough but protect a business that works on high value and high frequency transactions. The only option is to completely replicate the data as it is created so that the service can be re-established to a point in time immediately before the data loss.

Data Recovery

This is a complex and sophisticated task which also requires significant and hitherto extremely expensive communications to put into practice and also Using InTechnology’s widely acknowledged expertise in this area and through the substantially lower cost of our communications but real time replication is now a commercially viable proposition.

• Real time replication of data

• Fiber Channel or IP replication

• SAN and NAS

• Solutions tailored to requirements

Long Term Archive and Data Storage Storing paper documents is a well established process but an increasing percentage of data is now digitally created but particularly the huge volumes of information stored in emails. Saving and retrieving this Youtube data will become a legal obligation within a very short time, yet most companies still rely on tape copies stored on a shelf. InTechnology has created the option to transfer digital data offsite via a telecommunications link where it can be stored on a low cost but highly resilient ‘nearline’ tape format.

• Automated, scheduled process

• Data held on highest quality tape

• Returnable on demand

• Low cost per GB stored.

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