Data Recovery For Defective Hard Drives And Failed External Hard Drives

The default partition format on Windows is NTFS (on Linux it’s EXT). If the condition of the disk allows, you can attempt a scan to restore your deleted data after downloading and installing freeware recovery software such as the latest version of Recuva, Easeus Data Recovery or Disk drill Recovery in its latest version or try to recover your data with a live cd tool under linux. These software, like Recuva, will scan the partitions to try to show you a list of files that you can recover.

With this type of troubleshooting solutions, it is very unlikely that you will be able to recover all the Data Recovery deleted by mistake from your computer, but it costs nothing to try to recover an important Word file, deleted by mistake…

Additionally, recovery methods may vary depending on the operating system. A technique working with software on Windows that analyzes systems will be unsuitable on Mac, because their storage disk is formatted differently.

The best option is often to call on a specialized company, or even the only one in most cases. Regardless of the state of the disk, if it is a hardware failure it is in 99% of cases the only option to consider, because specialists can more easily replace certain faulty parts in a clean room and thus recover a deleted file or offer you the possibility to repair a file and recover all lost Facebook data even from different storage media.

A clean room is a completely dust-free environment that does not damage the components when they are opened to be able to recover or watch the raw data.

You can always try to find help on specialized forums, and depending on the cause of the malfunction, they will be able to advise you on methods and other recovery software to recover its contents. It is particularly useful in the case of bad manipulations in order to act in case of loss of accidental deletion of files or crash of an application.

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