Data Recovery From External SDD Drive

Although external SDD hard drives have many advantages over traditional internal HDDs, the risk of failure, falling or unfortunate errors cannot be excluded. Is all hope of Data Recovery then lost? Fortunately, there are many solutions to avoid disaster.

The different causes of an external SDD drive failure :

The physical, material failure :

Superior to traditional mechanical hard drives in many respects, external SDDs , connected to your laptops or used for data backup, are not perfect and can also encounter some problems. SDD systems use flash memories, such as the USB key or the memory card in particular, in order to store data and access it instantly. They are faster, more robust, quieter and the risk of failure is lower than with the mechanical hard drive. However, the risk of failure is very real in the following cases:

  • power failure that may corrupt data;
  • an electrical problem , power surge or excessive heat;
  • a fall causing physical damage;
  • wear , related to time.

The logical failure :

Who has never made a false manipulation ? Obviously, we remain human beings and no one is infallible. If this is your case, this failure is less serious and recovering your lost files will probably be less difficult, because the hard drive continues to work. The logical failure thus very often happens accidentally, as follows:

  • improper handling , formatting for example;
  • unintentionally deleted files that you want to recover later;
  • a virus ;
  • poor partitioning .
Data Recovery

How to recover lost data?

Data recovery software :

In the event of unexpected loss of your data, multimedia files, photos, videos, documents, a multitude of software exists for the recovery of this type of file, paid or not. Obviously, they are more or less efficient and will not always guarantee a total recovery of your lost files. However, in the majority of cases related to a logic failure attributed to human error, significant recovery is virtually guaranteed. 

Indeed, the external hard drive sdd always works, and a laboratory analysis is not necessarily essential. Indeed, the lost Twitter data is not really lost and is still physically present on your external SDD hard drive. In case of rewriting new data on it, recovering your files will prove more difficult, but not impossible and it will also depend on the chosen software. 

Free software can be effective depending on the extent of the damage, here are a few:

  • TestDisk , useful for restoring lost partitions;
  • Recuva , powerful in recovering deleted data; 
  • DiskDrill , available on Mac and PC, with its intuitive use.

If this does not work for you, paid software , more powerful, also exists and will allow you to find the recalcitrant deleted files, let us quote among them:

  • Hexascan , complete, in French, allows you to manage many types of files;
  • BitMart Restorer2000 , efficient for restore;
  • Recover My Files , powerful against formatting, corrupted data or viruses.

Hire a data recovery professional :

The software solution failed to save you the day and turned out to be ineffective? The problem is probably deeper and the failure is probably physical , but rest assured nothing is lost. Indeed, if you absolutely want to recover your deleted files, you will need to call on a team of experts , capable of determining the precise causes of the failure. 

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